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The D1 Production Company has extensive experience in the production of events and shows, creating innovative and amazing staging of the highest quality with custom-made choreographies and spectacular production. We offer our customers a complete experience, creating shows that transform the public through emotions, sending them the message they want to give. Our advantage is to have the most versatile and trained artists of the medium, being able to achieve incredible staging.

D1 company

Multidisciplinary dance company founded by Vania Masías in 2009. Its main purpose is to show a modern and identity-filled Peru nationally and internationally.


  • Alejandra Valera
  • Angel Lozada
  • Michael Grijalva
  • Sandra Begue
  • Hernan Muñoz
  • Mia Noel
  • Shinichi Tokumori
  • Kiara Gática
  • Eddy Revilla
  • Tiara Tagle
  • Mariano Carhuamaca
  • Athens Zaldivar

Pre-Company D1

It is the second most important cast within the Cultural Association D1. Spread the art of dance.

It is a versatile cast that not only trains and learns different styles and body languages, but also practices and expresses them through the different montages and staging it performs. They are constantly changing and innovation.


  • Jefferson Mayta
  • Valeria González
  • Adriano Alamo
  • Emma Arbildo
  • José de la Cruz
  • Muriel Garcia
  • Astrid Camacho
  • Jose Luis Vivanco
  • Brighit Market
  • Jesus Pinto
  • Margarita Infanzón
  • Jordy Castro
  • César Safra

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