Overall objective

The program seeks to train versatile performing artists through the teaching of different dance genres and dance styles. In addition, courses that complement the comprehensive training of students.


Graduate Profile

Scenic artist With a solid technical base and management of different disciplines, styles and genres. He demonstrates his technical and artistic skills through the creation of artistic products with a clear and coherent message. A professional capable of handling multiple dance techniques and being able to transfer teaching to different groups of people.



The program focuses on developing technical and theoretical competencies to train a versatile performing artist with an emphasis on dance. The learning sessions include theoretical and practical aspects, as well as group and individual works.

In addition, in D1 we have a focus on the integral development of people; for this reason, our students are constantly accompanied by the team so that, at the end of the program, they are able to transform their environment and build a better country together.



Lines of work

+ Classical and contemporary dances
+ Urban dances
+ Peruvian dances
+ Music
+ Theater
+ Human development
+ Creation laboratory
+ Performance


Curricular program

Duration: 6 academic cycles (3 years)
Cycle: Each cycle consists of 18 weeks
Modality: Semi – Face-to-face
Virtual platform: Google Classroom
Next start: August 16
Headquarters: Chorrillos
Hours: LUN – MIE – VIE | 3:30pm to 8:45pm

Mensualidad: S/850

 How to apply to the Program? 

The applicant must submit a 1-minute video in which the fusion of two or more styles is appreciated. The choice of styles is free, it should only be clear that there is work involved.

Video features:

– It must be recorded horizontally.

– Space should not have distractors.

– Unable to edit the video.

– The video should be sharp.

– You must upload to Vimeo or YouTube and send the link.

Los videos se van a recibir SOLO el 01 y 02 de julio, se deben enviar al correo pfa@d1-dance.com (Nombre completo, número de celular, DNI y el link del video). 



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