Our founder Vania Masías was summoned by the Balich team to be part of the creative team in charge of the opening ceremony "Hallucinates Peru"

A ceremony through which everyone was able to connect with the country's cultural and natural aspects, history, music, legends, images, characters, traditions and flavors and colors that most excite, because they are their own essence.


There was a time when Lima people gathered in the valleys around the city to participate in a dance and music festival, in which they celebrated the flowering of the Salamanca. The same flowers that inspired the logo of these games.


The history of the Pan American Games on a visual journey from 1951 to 2015, from Buenos Aires to Toronto, as we prepare for the start of the first games held in Peru.

Super food

Nowhere is the diversity of our nature more tangible than in the richness of ingredients we combine to create our acclaimed cuisine.

A magnificent superfood dance banquet pays tribute to our unique mix of cultures from all parts of the country and the world.

It was also a platform for members of the D1 company next to Director Antonio Vilchez, can participate as choreographic assistants:


  • Angel Lozada
  • José de la Cruz
  • Shinichi Tokumori
  • Adriano Alamo
  • Athens Zaldivar
  • Brighit Market