"I would return again and again to that wonderful place where things are real while still dreaming."

Pedro Torres Garay

Pupil in D1 Pachacútec

What do we do?

Through dance and art, we generate development opportunities with a transformative approach that articulates human and artistic potential. In addition, we promote an inclusive and creative culture, and encourage urban culture and social development by helping to generate a change in attitude in people through art.


They are free and temporary projects. The objective of the projects is to promote and generate access lines to opportunities for integral human development for girls, boys and young people. Therefore, we consider art workshops, dance workshops and / or training workshops.

Cultural spaces

Cultural spaces are free and permanent. The objective is to prevent risk behaviors in adolescents and young people by promoting the good use of free time. Our contribution, from the Cultural Spaces and the formation of change leaders, is to work with the community and articulate with other institutions and local actors.

Space D1-

REPSOL in Pachacútec 

Direction: Av. G Mz Lt 3 Sector D1. New pilot project (In front of Reniec)

Contacto: coordinacion.pachacutec@d1-dance.com

 Our Ally:

Space D1 -

REPSOL in My Peru

Direction: Municipal Pool of My Peru



Our Ally:

Space D1 -

Urban rhythm Bellavista

Address: Mall Plaza Bellavista (next to Tottus)



Our Ally:

Space D1 -

Address: José Pardo y Barreda School-Av. Luis Gálvez Chipoco 271 (5 cdrs. From Plaza de Chincha)

Contacto: juan.barbier@d1-dance.com

Nuestro Aliado:

How is the intervention in cultural spaces?

Our intervention in the cultural spaces has as main objective to enhance skills in the beneficiaries in three levels. The personal level, in which it is sought that the beneficiaries achieve greater self-knowledge and self-efficacy; the relational level, which involves connection with the other and teamwork; and, finally, the social level, which includes future projection and the role in the community.



RESULTS Strengthening socio-emotional skills Reduction of risk behaviors
COMPETENCES • Self esteem

• Self-efficacy

• Resilience (self-perception, planning ability, structured style, family cohesion, social resources)

• Wellness

• Teamwork

• Teen pregnancy

• Harmful use of drugs or alcohol

• Use of free time

• Life projection

• School dropout


It seeks to strengthen the processes of socio-emotional development of young people in grades 2 and 3 in IIEE located in areas of vulnerability and high social risk of Metropolitan Lima, through the movement and expressive arts.

We work with this program together with: